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Excursions - Friday, 5th of December, 2003
  Excursion ITAIPU

Excursion ITAIPU, the largest hydroelectric power station on the planet, and Iguaçu water falls (full day, extension possible).

Located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, 1470 km from Rio, 1050 km from São Paulo. Guided visit to the most powerful renewable energy power plant in the world (12 600 MW).

Possibility to return to Rio or to transfer to São Paulo or to visit the Iguaçu falls near ITAIPU (prolongation is recommended). Truely a sight worth seeing: the Indian word "iguassu" which means "great waters" the falls, located on the Argentinean-Brazilian border, are one of the three largest in the world, both by height and water flow. The Iguaçu falls produce a veil of mist that is crowned by beautiful, enormous rainbows: a unique show of light and sound.

Pick up at the hotel at 7.30 a.m., transfer to national airport Santos Dumont, flight to Foz de Iguaçu via São Paulo. 30 minutes bus to ITAIPU. Guided tour 3 hours. Visit of the waterfalls (Brazilian side). Return to Rio at 8.30 p.m. or the next afternoon with stay in the nice colonial style Hotel das Cataratas. Possibility to visit the falls from Argentinean side).

  Solar Research Facilities and Corcovado

Visit of the sustainable energy research facilities at Fundão Island, close to the International Airport Galeão (GIG) – half day

Visit of 40 kW PV power plant (CENPES); sustainable house, 16 kW PV power plant (CEPEL); PV-Labs, Instituto Virtual das Mudanças Globais, Laboratório Interdisciplinar do Meio Ambiente (UFRJ-COPPE).

Pick-up at the hotel at 13.00 hrs, transfer to Fundão (40 minutes), guided tours 40 minutes each, 15 minutes of transfer, visit of Corcovado with a spectacular view over Rio. Return to Rio at 7.30 p.m.

  Different Solar Home Systems in the State of Rio Janeiro

Visit of Solar Home Systems in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro (30 minutes drive), the mountainous region of Penedo (2.5 hrs drive) and on the tropical island of Ilha Grande (2 hrs drive from Penedo, plus 1.5 hrs boat trip).

Pick up at the hotel at 7.30 a.m., return 9.00 p.m. (extension for Saturday and Sunday possible & recommended).

  Examples of Renewable Energy Projects in the North East of Brazil

Visit to various solar energy and wind power projects in the North Eastern part of Brazil, located 100 km west of Fortaleza (schools electrification, solar pumping, solar home systems, ice plant). Min. 2 days: 4th to 6th of dfecember, extension on demand.

Thusday 4th:
Afternoon flight to Fortaleza, Presentation of projects, overnight stay at Hotel Colonial (Best Western).

Friday 5th:
Breakfast, 2.5 hours ride by 4 wheel drive to the agricultural community PV project Maceió, 1 h drive to a fisher village close to Baleia, lunch (fresh seafood), visits of various solar and wind power projects, 2 h drive to a solar powered Red Indian School, overnight stay in a simple, clean "Pousada" in a nearby village.

Saturday 6th:
Tour back to Fortaleza by Jeep or Buggy along the beach, visit of wind parks around Fortaleza ("Beach Park" and Harbor). Flight back to Rio (flight connections also available to São Paulo, Recife or Natal) or stay at Iracema beach (Best Western, Hotel Colonial).

Beside their technical significance all sites visited are very beautiful, even to non-solar-experts.



Visit to solar energy projects of the Yanomani Indians in the Amazon region (medical centers, solar home systems). This journey requires a permit issued by the Brazilian government and has to be booked until 1st of September 2003.

This program may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.

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