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Structure of RIO 6
  1. The International RIO 6 Conference

The speakers at RIO 6 represent the scientific community, the energy industry and policies associated with the implementation of energy saving strategies and renewable energies.

Our former RIO-Conferences we were joined by Dr. Hermann Scheer (Alternative Nobel Prize Winner, Chairman of WCRE, President of Eurosolar), Prof. Peter Landsberg (University of Southampton, editor and “Nature” author), Prof. Olav Hohmeyer (University of Flensburg, pioneer in carbon trading), Prof. Chris Wronski (Pennsylvania State University, pioneer in PV thin film technology), Prof. Adolf Goetzberger (founder of Solar Fraunhofer Institute, former ISES President), Prof. Martin Green (Alternative Nobel Prize Winner, World leader in silicon photovoltaic conversion efficiency, University of New South Wales), Mechthild Rothe (EU Parliament Deputy), Prof. Maurício Tolmasquim (CES of the Brazilian Energy Ministry MME), Fernando Gabeira (Federal Deputy and bestseller author), Prof. Dr. Bautista Vidal (Head Pro-Álcool), the largest RE program ever), Dr. Franz Alt (Bestseller author and TV-journalist), Rosa Moreno (Greenpeace), Laura Porto (MME), Dr. Everaldo Feitosa (Director Brazilian Wind Energy Center, Vice President World Wind Energy Association), just to mention some participants / supporters. The Brazilian Ministry of Energy (MME), the German Energy Agency (DENA), International Capacity Building, Germany (InWEnt), Eurosolar, ISES Brazil and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) were fully backing the events and predictably will send their top representatives also to RIO 6.

  2. The Latin America Renewable Energy Fair (LAREF 2006)

The Latin America Renewable Energy Fair (LAREF 2006), located nearby the RIO 6 congress hall, will stress the demonstration and application aspects and give companies and institutions the opportunity to present their latest energy technology and services to a growing World- and Latin American market. With the implementation of the Renewable Energy Incentive Program PROINFA, Brazil has become the most important market for renewable energies in Latin America. PROINFA guarantees the construction of at least 3,300 MW power plants driven by biomass, wind and small hydropower. Other programs such as PRODEEM, “Luz para todos” (Light for all) open a market for the use of solar energy and other renewable energy technologies. Conditions in Brazil are very favourable to tie new business contacts at LAREF 2006.

At LAREF 2003/05 Petrobrás, Eletrobrás, the German Ministry of Economics & Labour (BMWA), AET, ABEER, CanalEnergia, Wobben-Enercon Windpower, GTZ, Gamesa, SEBRAE, Valentin - Energysoftware, Isofotón, Ersol AG Solar Energy AG, Brasil Energia, Solardynamics, Soletrol Q-cells, Solon AG, Nordex Energy AG, Eolica, Suntech Power, PE Europe, MAN B&W, Energia Pura, Altercoop, UfE, Renexpo, Kyocera Solar do Brasil, Greenpeace and more exhibited their products and projects. The Latin America Renewable Energy Fair was supported by the German Ministry of Economics & Labour (BMWA) and International Capacity Building, Germany (InWEnt), German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (AHK), German Energy Agency (DENA), Heinrich Boell Foundation, Isofotón, FURNAS and the State of Rio de Janeiro. Most of these organizations and companies will also be present at LAREF 2006.

  3. Workshops

Related workshops will amplify the application aspect by fruitful, interactive discussions on specific topics. At RIO 5 the following workshops took place:

  • Workshop of the global solar and wind energy resource assessment project (SWERA) organized by the UN Environmental Program (UNEP)
  • Workshop on Life-Cycle- Analysis and related software by the University of Stuttgart
  • Workshop on productive and sustainable implementation of renewable energy projects by Capacity Building International (InWEnt)
  • Workshop on effectively operating carbon trading business by compensation of air traffic emissions via land fill gas projects in Brazil by myclimate.com, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Workshop on an enhanced Kyoto Protocol (“The RIO 6 – Protocol and Declaration”), that is based on a “emission per capita rate”, organized by the World Council of Renewable Energies. The declaration was later approved by the final assembly of the RIO 6 conference.
  4. The Political Round Table

The political round table with the participation of major governmental representatives will give the opportunity to discuss legislation, identify and eradicate obstacles, and provide efficient solutions for mass application of renewable energies. At RIO 3/5 the political round table was organized by the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

  5. Excursions

Excursions to Brazilian energy projects and local activities aim to encourage international contacts and co-operation.

RIO 6 may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
If you have any questions, please contact us.