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Exhibition LAREF 2006

Exhibitors at LAREF 2006: Download (PDF)

  Your opportunities at LAREF, the exhibition of RIO 6

LAREF 2006, the Latin American Renewable Energy Fair, takes place together with the RIO 6 – Congress in the famous Hotel Othon and offers a unique possibility to show your products & services in a most promising market for renewable energy applications.

RIO 6, situated in one of the the most beautiful and famous beach hotels of the city,
offers a wide range of possibilities for exhibitors:

– New markets and co-operations: Brazil offers ideal conditions for the use of wind-
   and solar technologies, and currently the country is looking for alternatives to
   hydroelectric power plants.

– Contacts: RIO 6 is a meeting place for scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs
   and technology-users coming from all continents (and from Brazil).

– Information: Conference, workshops and the accompanying initiatives foster
   a profound exchange of knowledge and experience.

– Presentations: All events will be published and recorded in detail. We expect
   international media coverage.

  Exhibition Space

Hotel Othon Palace
Av. Atlântica 3264
Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro 22070-001 RJ

Exhibition space is available in different sizes, the smallest unit starting at 4 m2 (see Information for Exhibitors (PDF)).

In order to ease the preparation of your participation we have developed a Full Service
Package (FSP). It incorporates exhibition space featuring a fully equipped stand at a rental fee of
EUR195.00 per square meter (incl. all taxes).

This package includes:
- Floor space
- Fascia with company name
- Electrical power point (110V, 60Hz)
- Daily cleaning service
- Chairs, table, lamps/ spotlight, wastepaper bin

For reasonable fee, a wide range of items can be added: Additional pieces of furniture, spotlights, electric power supply in 115 or 230 V, telephone lines, fax, internet, W-LAN, etc. Audio-visual equipment (overhead, slide and video projectors, video recorders, etc.) can also be rented. All conference and exhibition facilities are well air-conditioned.

Companies bringing their own stand receive a discount of € 45.00 per square meter.

Additional meeting rooms for private communication or to arrange workshops are available and can be booked.

Tours and excursions to reference projects or investment sites can also be arranged.

  Conference Admission for Exhibitors

By booking exhibition space at this event (full service package or space only) you will get access to the conference including full conference documentation:

- 4 m2 to 8 m2: full conference registration (incl. banquet) for one person
- 9 m2 to 16 m2: full conference registration (incl. banquet) for two persons
- more than 16 m2: full conference registration (incl. banquet) for three persons


Your company / organization has the possibility to present itself free of charge in the Catalogue of Exhibitors which will be distributed to all delegates at the conference and through extensive mailing to alternative Energy targets all over the world. In addition, the press will be guided through the exhibition and an Exhibitors' Reception will be held on one evening of the event. This reception will take place in the exhibition area and will present an excellent opportunity for all exhibitors to introduce and present themselves to all conference delegates.

The Conference Industry Committee is designing innovative features: During the event the press conferences will promote exhibition highlights. This action will bring even more added value to exhibitors and industry representatives and attract supplementary decision makers, installers and users which are of utmost importance for your positioning on the renewable energy market.


You can download the reservation form here:

Information for Exhibitors (Including Reservation Form)

Informações para Expositores

You are invited to return this form as soon as possible, preferably by fax.

Since the stands will be allocated on a first-come/ first-served basis, an early reservation will assure your participation at this prime event. The space will officially be reserved in your name upon receipt of a down payment of EUR 80 per square meter and subject to availability of space. The balance must be fully paid before the event.

An Information Package concerning transport, mounting and dismantling schedule, order forms for extra items, handling of temporary import facilities, etc. will be dispatched to organizations, which have transferred the down payment.

For further particulars contact:


The space will officially be reserved in your name upon receipt of a down payment of EUR 80 per square meter and subject to availability of space.

For further particulars contact:


RIO 6 - LAREF - Organization Office
a/c PML, Av. Rio Branco, 25-18° andar
20093-900 Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil
Phone: (+55-21)-22 33 39 53, (+55-21)-22 33 51 84,
(+55-21)-88 23 19 63, (+55-21)-98 14 30 31
Fax: (+55-21)-25 18 22 20
E-mail: info@rio6.com

RIO 6 may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Information for Exhibitors

Please download the Brochure Information for Exhibitors (Including Reservation Form)

Informações para Expositores