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Intention of RIO 6

Renewable Energies, such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro, are without alternatives for the energy supply of the future. The promotion of Renewable Energies to fight climate change and to save the resources of our planet is on the agenda since the first UN-World-Summit in Rio de Janeiro 1992. The following UN-Summits in Kyoto, Johannesburg and the “Renewables 2004” in Bonn, brought together world leaders to take according steps and act on a global scale. In Johannesburg and Bonn a strong commitment was endorsed to increase considerably the utilization of renewable energies, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, poverty, and the dependence on fossil fuels. This engagement will bolster an industry that already employs 500,000 people worldwide and provided steady growth rates in the range of 20% per annum over the previous decade.

Vast opportunities exist to increase the participation of Renewable Energies in the global energy market. This will not only offset the impact of global climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions but also provide critically needed energy supplies to developing regions while boosting economic development. Over previous years many obstacles to the renewable industry have been identified and should be overcome: Lack of knowledge and vision in public and political circles, inadequate legislation, inefficient lobbying and insufficient market assessments are some of them.

RIO 6, a follow-up to the successful RIO 5, RIO 3 and RIO 02 World Climate & Energy Events, is being held again in Rio de Janeiro to secure the implementation Renewables and energy saving strategies. This event brings together leading experts from science, industry and politics to report on the latest research results, demonstrate new products and services, present successful policies and implementations, and show access to project financing via governmental policies, utility funds and international carbon trading via effective networks.