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Programme, 17th of November, 2006 next day >
Updated November 10th, 2006
This program may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.

Download Programme (printable PDF)

Programação (PDF, português)

  Programme RIO 6 - LAREF 2006

Hotel Rio Othon Palace
Copacabana Beach
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17th and 18th of November 2006

Date 17th of November 18th of November
Session - Hall ITAIPU B Mar Azul ITAIPU A & FOYER ITAIPU B Mar Azul

Opening RIO 6 Political issues

Hansjörg Gabler:
“ Solar energy overview ”

8.30 Press conference Public Exhibition (both days):

Latin-America Renewable Energy Fair – LAREF 2006

Public Events (both days):

Public cooking with solar oven

Biodiesel & solar vehicles drive

Solar powered concert

Official Conference Banquet
8.30 Franz Alt “Renewables for a better World ” 9.00
Workshop CRESESB
“ Solar Silicon Production in Brazil for Export ”
Wind Power
2nd 11.00 Sustainability, Urbanism & Transport 10.40
Biomass & Biofuels
3rd 14.00
Workshop GTZ-Eletrobrás
“ Decentralized Rural Electrification via photovoltaic Systems - Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges ”
Investment, Financing,
Carbon Trading
Biomass & Biofuels
Education, Capacity Building

Solar thermal energy systems
4th 17.00
Politics of implementation of Renewable Energy
Workshop Universtiy of Twente

“ Concept generation of future PV products”
Panel Discussion Heinrich- Böll- Foundation
“ Biofuels”
17.00 Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems
  8.30: Press Conference

Intention of RIO 6, Basics on Sustainability & Renewable Energies, Public Benefits, relevant Developments, Highlights of RIO 6, LAREF Exhibition & Fair, and Public Events

   9:00: Opening, Event presentation, Politics

Opening and chairman:
André Trigueiro (Brazil)
TV-journalist of Globo News

Alain Lambert (Brazil)
UNEP/GEF National Coordinator in Brazil

Silas Rondeau (Brazil)*
Minister of Mines & Energy – MME

Claúdio Longone (Brazil)
Secretário Executivo – MMA

Mauro Passos (Brazil)
Federal Representative

Carlos Minc (Brazil)
State Representative

Lucia Ortiz
Coordinator of the working group on energy of the Brazilian NGO Forum

Dietrich Mayer of NATENCO (Germany)
Renewable energy developer

Representative of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Stefan Krauter (Germany/Brazil)
General Chairman of the RIO 6 Event
Download Presentation

* Invited, not yet confirmed

Coffee break

  10:30: Keynote speech

Hansjörg Gabler (Germany)
Co-Director of the Center of Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW), Stuttgart
“Outlook on Solar energy”
Download Presentation

  11:00: Sustainability, Urbanism & Transport

Marco Schmidt (Germany)
University of Technology Berlin - TUB

Roberto Lamberts (Brazil)
Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC
“ Bioclimatic Buildings”
Download Presentation

Khosrow Ghavami (Brazil)
Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro - PUC-Rio
“Use of ecological materials in architecture”
Download Presentation

Marco Schmidt (Germany)
University of Technology Berlin - TUB
“ Energy and water, a decentralized approach to an integrated sustainable urban development”
Download Presentation

Hartmut Grewe (Germany)
“ Using renewable Energies for Poverty Reduction”

Geoffrey I. Nwaka (Nigeria) *
State University of Abia
“ Planning sustainable cities in Africa: Strategies towards social harmony”


  14:00: Investments, Financing, Carbon Trading

Rolf Michael Bonhof (Brazil)
President of Petersen Matex Limitada, Rio de Janeiro

Hajime Uchida (Japan/Brazil)
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
“ How to carry out carbon projects in Brazil”
Download Presentation (engl.)
Download Presentation (port.)

Diogo Ladvocat Negrão Couto (Brazil)
University of São Paulo - USP
“Energy generation from landfill gas – Contribution to sustainable development”

Marcelo Costa Almeida (Brazil)
University of São Paulo - USP
“ How much might biogenic methane emissions affect biofuels greenhouse gases balance? An analysis for the Brazilian ethanol from sugarcane”
Download Presentation

Abdoulaye BA (Senegal) *
Compagnie Sahélienne en Energies Renouvelables – COSER
“ Business Opportunities in electrical energy sector for rural and urban areas Senegal/West Africa”

Cláudio Albuquerque Frate (Brazil)
Universidade de Brasília - UNB
“ Electrification Policy for Isolated Communities in Brazil and Sustainable Development Indicators”
Download Presentation

Coffee break

  15:45 Workshop “Concept generation of future PV products”

Download Presentation

Learn how to generate innovative product concepts for PV products in a future scenario

Held by Angele Reinders
Department of Design, Production and Management
University of Twente , The Netherlands

Concept generation will take place according to approved methods used by industrial designers and will yield unexpected, but not unthinkable PV product concepts. This workshop is intended for engineers, scientists and project managers who would like to gain new ideas for PV projects.

The workshop will content of a short introduction into methods, brainstorm, future visualization and generating product concepts


Experimental phase

Duration: 2,5 hours
max. participants: 15-20

  14:00 Workshop GTZ-Eletrobrás

“Photovoltaics in Rural Electrification –Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges”

Chairman: Detlev Ullrich, gtz

The objective of the workshop is to analyze the obstacles to the dissemination of photovoltaic systems in rural off-grid areas and to identify strategies and actions to remove these obstacles.

Target group:
The workshop addresses managers and technicians of utilities, representatives of governmental and non governmental organizations involved in rural electrification and renewable energies, scientists as well as representatives of the solar industry.

Opening session
Representatives of GTZ and Eletrobrás

Hansjörg Gabler, ZSW Stuttgart, Germany
“ Photovoltaics in rural electrification – Experiences from other countries (China, etc.) “
Download Presentation

Roberto Zilles, University of São Paulo
“ Brazil technical standards for Solar Home Systems in Brazil – Conceptual design and application example”
Download Presentation

Coffee break

Hugo Machado Silva Filho, COELBA, Bahia, Brazil
“ Rural Electrification with Solar Home Systems – Experiences and views of a power distribution concessionaire”
Download Presentation

Debate on the regulatory framework and politics for rural electrification with Solar Home Systems in Brazil (MME, ANEEL, and speakers)

  Politics of Implementation of Renewable Energy Integration

Sven Teske (Netherlands)
Greenpeace International Energy Expert

Marcelo Furtado (Greenpeace Brazil), Sven Teske (Greenpeace International)
“ The Global Energy Scenario”
Download Presentation

Laura Porto (Brazil)
Director of Renewable Energy Department, Brazilian Ministry of Mines & Energy – MME
Download Presentation

Hugo Altomonte (Chile)
CEPAL, Comisión Económica para América Latina (Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA)
“ Renewable Energy Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two years after Bonn”
Download Presentation

Joergdieter Anhalt (Brazil)
IDER, Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Energias Renováveis, Fortaleza)
“ Dissemination of Efficient Cook Stoves in the Northeast of Brazil”
Download Presentation


  next day >

Download Programme (printable PDF)

Programação (PDF, português)

* Invited, confirmation pending

All talks and discussions are translated simultaneously from English to Portuguese and vice versa – headphones are available at the entrance of the auditory.

RIO 6 may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Download Programme

Download Programme (printable PDF)

Programação (PDF, português)

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Workshops GTZ-Eletrobrás CRESESB, University of Twente

For your reservation, please contact info@rio6.com

Public Events
Public cooking with Solar Oven, Solar & wind pumping
Biodiesel & solar vehicles drive, Solar powered Rock-Concert