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Programme, 18th of November, 2006 < previous day
Updated November 10th, 2006
This program may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.

Download Programme (printable PDF).

Programação (PDF, português)

  8.30 Keynote Speech

Franz Alt (Germany)
TV journalist, bestseller author
“Renewable energies for a better world”
Download Presentation

  9.00 Wind Power

Ulrich von Eitzen (Netherlands)
Greenpeace International

Everaldo Feitosa (Brazil)
Vice-President of the World Wind Association, Director of the Brazilian Wind Energy Centre
“ Development of Wind power”

Ciro Ruiz Filho (Brasil)
Wobben Windpower Ltd
“ Implementation of Wind Power in the energy system of different countries”
Download Presentation

Leonardo Marotta Gardino (Brazil)
Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency - ANEEL
“ Sustainability of the wind energy in Brazil”

Mohammad Widyan (Jordania)
University of Technology Berlin
“ NdFeB magnets in flux concentration arrangement for novel low-speed generators for wind energy systems”

Arnaldo Coutinho Costa (Brazil)
Eletrovento L.A.
“ Supplying Electric Power to Scattered and isolated consumers with small size wind turbines”
Download Presentation

Coffee break

  10.40 Biomass & Biofuels

João Noberto Noschang Neto (Brasil)
Research Center of the Petrobras - CENPES
“ The state of the Brazilian biodiesel and ethanol program”

Juan Carlos Torrico (Germany)
University of Bonn
“ Agriculture as a producer and consumer of energy case study of farming systems in RJ-Brazil”

Julia Hansson (Sweden)
Chalmers University of Technology
“ Bioenergy Expansion in the EU – cost-effective climate change mitigation, employment creation and reduced dependency of imported fuel
Download Presentation

Maria Grahn (Sweden)
Chalmers University of Technology
“ Biomass for heat or as transportation fuel? A comparison between two model based studies”
Download Presentation

Dusan Holoubek (Slowakia)
Technical University of Kosice
“ Hot-gas cleaning from biomass gasification”
Download Presentation

Wathanyu Amatayakul (Sweden)
Chalmers University of Technology
“ Fuel ethanol program in Thailand: supply challenges, impact and implications for a program-based CDM”
Download Presentation

Fernanda Cristina Vianna (Brazil)
University of São Paulo - USP
“ Eco-efficiency analysis: environmental-economic assessment of biodiesel and petrodiesel”
Download Presentation


Osvaldo Stella Martins (Brasil)
University of São Paulo - USP
“ The use of sewage biogas as a renewable source of energy”
Download Presentation

Paulo Patrício da Silva (Brazil)
Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul - UFMS
“ Advantages, incentives and obstacles for electric energy cogeneration from sugarcane bagasse in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul”
Download Presentation

Osvaldo Stella Martins (Brazil)
University of São Paulo - USP
“ Electricity generation for isolated communities in Amazon region using national technology for biomass gasification systems – Gaseibras Project”
Download Presentation

José N. Carranca (Brazil)
MANB&W do Brasil
“ Diesel eco-power from refined biofuels”

Osvaldo Stella Martins (Brazil)
University of São Paulo - USP
“ Energy generation with landfill biogas”
Download Presentation

Armando Tavares (Brazil)
State University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ
“ Waste plasma treatment and renewable energy”
Download Presentation

Coffee break

  16:00 Panel discussion Biofuels – opportunities and risks

Political debate »biofuels« organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation with experts invited by Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.

Biofuels – especially sugar cane alcohol and biodiesel – are an alternative for cleaner energy and able to generate income for the rural sector. Brazil is already the worldwide leading producer of alcohol. A significant part of this production is cultivated in a monoculture regime which has resulted in several environmental and social problems. The panel will discuss the different and polemical aspects of biofuels in Brazil.


Thomas Fatheuer – Heinrich-Boell-Foundation

Key-note speakers:

Alexandre Betinardi Strapasson – general coordinator of the department “Alcool and Sugar” of the Ministry of Agriculture
Download Presentation

Lucia Ortiz – coordinator of the working group on energy of the Brasilian NGO Forum
Download Presentation

Ingo Melchers – gtz Brazil
Download Presentation

  18.00 Final Session

Results, Declaration

  9.00 Workshop “Silicon” CRESESB

Download Presentation 1
Download Presentation 2
Download Presentation 3
Download Presentation 4

Chairman: Hamilton Moss,
CRESESB - Brazilian Solar and Wind Energy Reference Center, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
“ Solar Silicon production for Export from Brazil”

The objective of the workshop is to discuss the minimum requirements for processing silicon to get functioning photovoltaic cells. Brazil is one of the largest producers and exporters of metallurgic silicon worldwide and is considering to start an inexpensive silicon production suitable for solar cells. A cooperation of partners from other countries would be desirable for all sides.

  1. Brazil - a major supplier of metallurgical Silicon (Representative of Silicon Production Company or Dr. Hamilton Moss)
  2. Actual market situation for solar silicon (Nils Waterstrat, Q-cells AG)
  3. Industry requirements for solar silicon (Dr. Volker Hofmann, Q-cells AG)
  4. Processing of Silicon - from metallurgical to solar grade silicon (Dr. Volker Hofmann, Q-cells AG)

Target group:
The workshop addresses managers and technicians of utilities, representatives of governmental and non governmental organizations involved in the development of Silicon production in Brazil and the solar silicon industry.

Adriano Moehleck– PUC-RGS, Brazil
Antônia Sônia Diniz – CEMIG, Brazil
Dr. Hamilton Moss - CRESRSB, Brazil
Nils Waterstrat - Q-cells AG, Germany
Dr. Volker Hofmann - Q-cells AG, Germany


  14:00 Education, Capacity Building

Representative of InWEnt (Germany/Brazil)

Marco Antônio Galdino (Brazil)
Research Center of the Electric Utilities - CEPEL
“Implementation of the new information center of CRESESB”
Download Presentation

Osíris Ashton Vital (Brazil)
University of Salvador - UNIFACS
“The solar stove as a tool in ambiental education”

Augustin Woelz (Brazil)
Sociedade do Sol, São Paulo
“Course on production and installation of low-cost solar heaters"
Download Presentation

Maria Roos (Germany)
LIFE e.V. Ecotechnical Trainingcenter for Women,Berlin
“Integration of sustainable energy into vocational training in ecotechniques ”
Download Presentation

Coffee break

  15:15 Solar Thermal Energy Systems

Osíris Ashton Vital (Brazil)
University of Salvador - UNIFACS
“Impacts of the energy industry regulation on the appropriation of solar thermal energy by the low income population in Brazil”
Download Presentation

Délcio Rodrigues (Brazil)
Institute Vitae Civilis
“Solar water heating contribution for the Brazilian energy planning”

Osíris Ashton Vital (Brazil)
University of Salvador - UNIFACS
“ Solar energy for cooking: an innovation of easy diffusion and implementation social technology on the Brazilian northeast communities?”
Download Presentation

José Guimarães Carvalho Neto (Brazil)
Institute of Research & Technology at the University of Tiradentes – ITP-UNIT
“ Proposal of Study for Calculation of Efficiency and Cooking Power of the Box Type Solar Cooker: Analogy with Heat Exchangers”
Download Presentation

Gerhard Valentin (Germany)
Valentin Energiesoftware GmbH
"SOLCAMP - Campaign for Increasing Use of Solar Thermal Systems at Camping"
Download Presentation

Luis E. Vidriales (México)
Universidade Nacional Autonôma do México
“Direct steam generation in parabolic troughs: first results for achieving soil pasteurization”

Ruberval Baldini (Brazil)
Director of Abeama – Brasilian Association of renewable energies and environment
“ Economical advantages of the use of thermal solar energy in industry”
Download Presentation

  17:00 Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems

Stefan Krauter
RIO 6, Riosolar Ltda, Brazil

Ricardo Ruether (Brazil)
Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC
“Solar Airports”
Download Presentation

Hélios Leães Hey (Brazil)
Federal University of Santa Maria
“ A stand-alone photovoltaic system based on DC-DC converters in a multi-string configuration”
Download Presentation

Alex Freundlich (USA)
University of Houston
“Planetary material reserve issues for Terawatt level deployment of photovoltaics”
Download Presentation

Angele Reinders (The Netherlands)
University of Twente
“ Industrial Design Engineering of Product Integrated PV-Systems”
Download Presentation

  18.00: Final Session

Results, Declaration

  < previous day

Download Programme (printable PDF).

Programação (PDF, português)

* Invited, confirmation pending

All talks and discussions are translated simultaneously from English to Portuguese and vice versa – headphones are available at the entrance of the auditory.

RIO 6 may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Download Programme

Download Programme (printable PDF).

Programação (PDF, português)

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