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Excursions - February 18-20, 2005
  Announced first at RIO 5 - Fortaleza:

The Brazilian State of Ceara will install 489 MW of new wind turbines.
The Minister of Infrastructure of the State of Ceara, Luiz Eduardo Barbosa de Moraes, announced this breaking news on the opening of RIO 5 - Fortaleza, February 18th, 2005. Due to the underuse of the biomass participation at the PROINFA programme, additional capacity of windpower was liberated to Ceara, which will have almost half of the windpower capacity by PROINFA after its full implementation by the end of 2006.


  Program Fortaleza

While the part of the RIO 5 event in Rio de Janeiro focuses more on scientific/political/industrial topics, the part in Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará (3500 km north of Rio de Janeiro, formerly called “Land of Light”-“Terra da Luz”), will focus practical applications of RE-technologies: Ceará is a less developed state, mainly dependent on Agriculture and Tourism, but has abundant wind, solar and biomass resources and will profit exceptionally from renewable energy initiatives.

Participation is free, but the talks will be held in exclusively Portuguese (translation is not available; however we may provide private translators on request - please contact us: info@rio6.com). The events will take place in the fine Cultural Center “Dragão do Mar”, closely located to the nightlife of Fortaleza with lots of restaurants and bars.

18/02 Friday

Arrival of the delegations from Rio de Janeiro, visit of Wind park Mucuripe (2.4 MW) or Prainha (10 MW) – alternatively also on Sunday morning

Opening - President of UECE
Jader Onofre de Moraes

20.30 hrs
Official opening at the theatre at “Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar

Intention of RIO 5,
Renewable Energies: Energy-perspectives for the World & Ceará

Prof. Marcony S. Cunha (UECE), Prof. Stefan Krauter (WCRE, UECE)

The Cultural Center “Dragão do Mar” -
A showcase for the implementation of RE and energy saving?

Augusto César Costa (General Director of the Center "Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura") (NOT CONFIRMED)

Successfully RE projects in the State of Ceará
Luiz Eduardo Barbosa de Moraes - Ministry of Infrastructure of the State of Ceará

Activities of InWEnt in the RE-sector
Carla Pereira (InWEnt, São Paulo)

Sustainable urban development and its application for Fortaleza
Luizianne de Oliveira Lins (Major of Fortaleza) (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Initiatives of the government to support RE in the state of Ceará
Lúcio Gonçalo de Alcântara (Governor of the State of Ceará) (TO BE CONFIRMED)

19/02 Saturday

10.15 - 11.15
Education on Renewable Energies,
Activities on RE-education at existing units on different levels
Outlook on the International University for Renewable Energies

Prof. Krauter (UECE, WCRE), Prof. Marcony (UECE), Pedro Capibaribe (Marketing Director of the State of Ceará), Prof. Walmeran José Trindade Jr. (Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica da Paraíba – CEFET-PB), requested: Prof. Raul (Primary school- Trairi, CE), Osman Benchikh (UNESCO).

11.15 - 11.30
Opening of the Exhibition on Sustainable Architecture
In front of the Auditorium ("Espaço mix")

Sustainable Architecture
Dr. Norma Blandon Rodriguez, Dr. Elizabeth Ferreiras da Silva
(Manágua, Rio de Janeiro)

11.30 - 12.30
Land of winds - Ceará
The PROINFA initiative: State of affairs

Pedro Bezerra (CHESF)

The point of view from a wind turbine manufacturer
Telmo Pereira Cardoso (Director of Wobben-Pecém, Ceará)

14.30 - 17.00
Productive Use of Renewable Energies
Presentation of the activities of four project groups (each 30 minutes) within the InWEnt Capacity Building project, plus 30 minutes discussion
Introduction: Klaus Knecht, InWEnt
Jörgdieter Anhalt, IDER
Suzanne B. Maia, BRASUS
Larissa Barros, Instituto Palmas
Paulo Gil, Fernando Peixoto, GERA


17.15 - 17.45
Three days after the implementation of the Kyoto-Protocol –
Does it help to finance rural electrification by isolated systems?

Patrick Buergli, myclimate.com, Zürich, Switzerland

17.45 – 18.15
RE - opportunities in Ceará – the Saudi-Arabia of the future?
Adão Linhares Muniz (Coordinator of Energy Affairs, SEINFRA)

18.15 – 19.15
Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture in urban environment
Dr. M. Laar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Solar Energy for the use in sustainable architecture
(electricity, heat & refrigeration)

Prof. Dr. S. Krauter, UECE, Fortaleza, Brazil

Additional activities
A small booklet in Portuguese on Basics on Renewable Energies (for beginners) will be published, each InWEnt –project will also be described on 2 pages.

Excursions on Sunday 20th (possibly also on Friday 18th morning)
Visit to solar energy and wind power projects in the North Eastern part of Brazil, located in the vicinity of 30 km of Fortaleza (wind park) and 170 km west of the Capital of Ceará (Trairi, school PV electrification, PV internet station) .

Visit of wind parks near the harbour of Fortaleza (Mucuripe: 2.4 MW) and "Beach Park" (Prainha: 10 MW). Possibility to visit nearby fine “Beach-Park” (http://www.beachpark.com.br/)

Flights back to Rio (flight connections also available to São Paulo, Recife, Salvador, São Luis or Natal) or to Europe (international flight connection by TAP or Martins).

Beside their technical significance all sites visited are very beautiful, even to non-solar & wind experts.

More info:

  Excursion ITAIPU (on request)

Excursion ITAIPU, the largest hydroelectric power station on the planet, and Iguaçu water falls (full day, extension possible).

Located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, 1470 km from Rio, 1050 km from São Paulo. Guided visit to the most powerful renewable energy power plant in the world (12 600 MW).

Possibility to return to Rio or to transfer to São Paulo or to visit the Iguaçu falls near ITAIPU (prolongation is recommended). Truely a sight worth seeing: the Indian word "iguassu" which means "great waters" the falls, located on the Argentinean-Brazilian border, are one of the three largest in the world, both by height and water flow. The Iguaçu falls produce a veil of mist that is crowned by beautiful, enormous rainbows: a unique show of light and sound.

Pick up at the hotel at 7.30 a.m., transfer to national airport Santos Dumont, flight to Foz de Iguaçu via São Paulo. 30 minutes bus to ITAIPU. Guided tour 3 hours. Visit of the waterfalls (Brazilian side). Return to Rio at 8.30 p.m. or the next afternoon with stay in the nice colonial style Hotel das Cataratas. Possibility to visit the falls from Argentinean side).

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