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  When & Where

15th to 17th of February 2005
Hotel Glória, Rua do Russel 632, Glória, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Please Download the Sponsorship Proposal (PDF) for further information!


World leaders met in Johannesburg two years ago and in Bonn this year with a strong commitment to increase the utilization of renewable energies, such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass. This decision will bolster an industry, which currently employs approximately 400,000 people worldwide and has returned steady growth rates in the range of 20% per annum over the previous decade.

Vast opportunities still exist to increase the participation of Renewable Energies in the global energy market. This will not only offset the impact of global climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions but also most importantly provide critically needed energy supplies to developing regions while boosting economic development. Over previous years many obstacles to the renewable industry have been identified and should be overcome: Lack of knowledge in public and political circles, inadequate legislation, inefficient lobbying and insufficient market assessments are just some of them.

RIO 5, a follow-up to the successful RIO 3 and RIO 02, is being held again in Rio de Janeiro to secure the implementation of this important commitment made in Johannesburg and Bonn. This event brings together leading experts from science, industry and politics to report on the latest research results, demonstrate new products and services, present successful applications, new architectural developments, assess project financing possibilities and form effective networks.

  Scope of RIO 5

RIO 5 – LAREF will focus on strategies for increased application of renewable energies on a global scale as well as strategies for reduced energy consumption and sustainable development in order to decrease carbon dioxide emissions. The speakers at RIO 5 represent academic research, the industry sectors and policies associated with these topics. The implementation and application aspect will be highlighted and demonstrated by the LAREF state-of-the-art exhibition, workshops, public events and political round tables.

The International RIO 5 Conference will bring together leading experts from the fields of scientific research, politics and industry. At RIO 3 joined us e.g., Dr. Hermann Scheer (Alternative Nobel Prize Winner, Chairman of WCRE, President of Eurosolar), Prof. Dr. Peter Landsberg (University of Southampton, editor and author), Prof. Dr. Maurício Tolmasquim (CES of the Brazilian Energy Ministry MME), Fernando Gabeira (Federal Deputy and bestseller author), Prof. Dr. Bautista Vidal (Pro-Álcool), Dr. Franz Alt (bestseller author and TV-journalist), Rosa Moreno (Greenpeace), Laura Porto (MME), Dr. Everaldo Feitosa (Director Brazilian Wind Energy Center, Vice President World Wind Energy Association). The Brazilian Ministry of Energy (MME), the German Energy Agency (DENA), International Capacity Building, Germany (InWEnt), Eurosolar, ISES Brazil and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) are fully backing the event and will send top representatives.

The Latin America Renewable Energy Fair (LAREF 2005), located nearby the RIO 5 congress hall, will give companies and institutions the opportunity to present the latest Renewable Energy Fair energy technology and services to a growing World- and Latin American market. With the implementation of the Renewable Energy Incentive Program PROINFA, Brazil has become the most important market for renewable energies in Latin America. PROINFA guarantees the construction of at least 3,300 MW power plants driven by biomass, wind and small hydropower. Other programs such as PRODEEM, “Luz para todos” (Light for all) open a market for the use of solar energy and other renewable energy technologies. Conditions in Brazil are very favourable to tie new business contacts at LAREF 2005. At LAREF 2003 Petrobrás, the German Ministry of Economics & Labour (BMWA), CanalEnergia, Wobben-Enercon Windpower, GTZ, SEBRAE, Q-cells AG, Valentin - Energysoftware, Ersol Solar Energy AG, Solon AG, Nordex Energy AG, Kyocera Solar do Brasil, Greenpeace and more exhibited their products and projects. The event was supported by the German Ministry of Economics & Labour (BMWA) and International Capacity Building, Germany (InWEnt), AHK, German Energy Agency (DENA), Heinrich Boell Foundation, CanalEnergia, FURNAS and the State of Rio de Janeiro. Most of these organizations and companies will also be present at LAREF 2005.

Related workshops, e.g. on productive use of renewable energy projects and on carbon crediting, will accompany the event.

The political round table with the participation of major governmental representatives will give the opportunity to discuss legislation, identify and eradicate obstacles, and provide efficient solutions for mass application of renewable energies. Excursions to Brazilian energy projects and local activities aim to encourage international contacts and cooperation.

  Target Groups

Companies, Governmental bodies, NGOs, financial institutions as well as Universities and Technology Centers, professionals and public interested in renewable energies and sustainable development.

  Further Information
Please Download the Sponsorship Proposal (PDF) for further information!

Further Information

Sponsorship Proposal (PDF)

Proposta de Patrocinio (PDF)