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Thursday, 17th of February, 2005  
Updated February 14th, 2005
This program may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
  8.30 Sustainable Architecture/ Urbanism & Transportation

Guillermo Honles (USA)
Solar Architect, Los Angeles
Design+Technology = Architecture

Jörg Spangenberg (Brazil)
University of Applied Sciences Cologne, ITT – Institute of Technologies in the Tropics
Simulation of urban climate in tropical metropolis’ – A case study

Silke A. Krawietz (Italy)
University of Rome La Sapienza, Faculty of Architecture, Valle Giulia
The influence of climate on architecture -synthesis of ecology,
technology and architecture for the current millennium

Sibylle Centgraf, Marco Schmidt (Germany)
TFH Berlin / TU Berlin, Institute of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
Water management to save energy. A decentralized approach to an integrated
sustainable urban development

Ole von Uexkull (Sweden)
Right Livelihood Award Foundation, Stockholm
Renewable energy for water supply and treatment -
experiences, cost and competitiveness

Paola Caputo (Italy)
Politecnico di Milano, Dept. Building Environment Science & Technology (BEST)
Energy self-sufficiency with renewable sources. Solutions and technologic systems
for the rehabilitation of an old rural building complex in Sicily (Italy)

Marc-Andree Wolf, M. Fischer, M. Faltenbacher et al. (Germany)
University of Stuttgart, IKP-Dept. LCE
Quantifying the life cycle sustainability of renewable energy carriers

Cecilia Makishi, Michael Faltenbacher, Matthias Fischer et al. (Brazil/Germany)
University of Stuttgart, Department Life Cycle Engineering (LCE)
LCA of fuel cell technology for urban transportation system in Europe and Australia

Aniruddhe Mukerjee (India)
Madhya Pradesh Lake Conservation Authority
GHG emission reduction due to construction of the linking road of the Bhoj wetland project

Coffee Break

  11.00 Biomass Energy

Suani Teixeira Coelho, Sílvia Stortini González Velázquez, Maria B.C. Monteiro et al. (Brazil)
USP – University of São Paulo, CENBIO – Brazilian Reference Center on Biomass
Energy generation through Biomass in the Amazonian region

João Norberto Noschang Neto (Brazil)
CENPES - Petrobrás
Biodiesel in Brazil

José Nuno Carranca (Brazil)
MAN B&W do Brasil
Green power from diesel engines burning biological oils and recycled fat

Gilberto C. Bandeira de Melo (Brazil), Artur Torres Filho
Federal University of Minas Gerais, Departamento de
Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental – DESA
Environmental and energy performance: Evaluation of an alternative
biomass fuel obtained from wood residues generated in a metropolitan area

Suani Teixeira Coelho (Brazil), David Freire da Costa, S.M.S.G. Velázquez et al.
USP – University of São Paulo, CENBIO – Brazilian Reference Center on Biomass
The use of produced biogas sewage for energy generation and electric energy
production in gas microturbines using alternative fuel (biogas)

Piero Lunghi (Italy)
University of Perugia, Industrial Engineering Department
Comparison between innovative and traditional
technologies for landfill gas energy conversion

R.G. Pereira, G.A.Romeiro, R. N. Damasceno et al. (Brazil)
UFF, Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica, Programa de Pós-Graduação
em Engenharia Mecânica
Characterization and application of oil and coal obtained through
low temperature conversion process applied to biomass and residues

Marc-Andre Wolf, L.-P. Barthel, Peter Eyerer et al. (Germany)
University of Stuttgart, IKP-Dept. LCE
Social aspects for quantifying advantages of Renewable Energy carriers

Igor Sutlovic, Rajka Budin, Alka Miheli_-Bogdanic et al. (Croatia)
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology,University of Zagreb
Energy efficient brick production


  14.30 Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal Energy Systems

Paulo C. M. Carvalho, João M.A. Vigira, Francisco Canafistula et al. (Brazil)
Federal University of Ceará, DEE
Photovoltaic powered data acquisition systems in semi-arid areas

Marco Antonio Galdino, Hamilton Moss de Souza (Brazil)
CEPEL – Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Elétrica CRESESB
(The Brazilian Solar and Wind Energy Reference Center)
The solar house of CRESEB: Seven years of success

Anthony O. Pereira, Avi Bar, Tom Thompson (USA)
altPOWER, Inc., New York
Existing avenues to encourage building integrated photovoltaic
installations in New York City

Ricardo Rüther, Paulo Knob, Wilson Reguse et al. (Brazil)
Federal University of Santa Catarina, LABSOLAR – Laboratório de Energia Solar
The potential of grid-connected photovoltaics in Brazil

S.Srinivasa Murthy, N. Gopalakrishnan, B.V.S.S.S. Prasad (India)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Natural convection in stratified hot water storage tanks

Mauro José de Aguiar Bichara (Brazil)
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – Centro de Tecnologia
Default module solar destillator

Coffee Break

Osiris Ashton Vital, Maria Olivia de Souza (Brazil)
University of Salvador – UNIFACS
The market of heating water with solar energy for popular
domestic consumption in Sergipe

Tomaz Arakaki, José Morais Silva, Zaqueu Ernesto da Silva et al. (Brazil)
Federal University of Paraíba, Laboratório de Energia Solar, Centro de Tecnologia
A multiple effect parallel feeding desalination plant using solar energy heating

Cecilia Makishi (Germany), Niels Warburg, Maiya Shibasaki et al. (Brazil)
University of Stuttgart, Department Life Cycle Engineering (LCE)
Thin-film solar cells – sustainability decision support in parallel
to recycling process development

José Bione, N. Fraidenraich, O.C. Vilela (Brazil)
Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE, Grupo de Pesquisas em
Fontes Alternativas de Energia – Departamento de Energia Nuclear
Technical and economical analysis of a PV water pumping system with V-Trough
concentrator, using for irrigation of grape in the northeast of Brazil

Lana Ludmila Pinheiro Santana (Brazil), Klemens Schwarzer (Germany),
Maria Eugênia Vieira da Silva (Brazil)

Federal University of Ceará, Laboratório de Energia Solar e Gás Natural
Comparative study of two solar cookers: Parabolic reflector and flat plate indirect heating


End of 3rd day

This program may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
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