RIO 9 – World Climate & Energy Event

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The purpose of the RIO 9 – World Climate & Energy Event is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy industry. The global economic development leads to higher energy demands whereas the exploitation and extraction of fossil fuels are reaching its limits. The development of further sites of exploitation is getting increasingly more costly and bears unpredictable risks for the environment and world peace.

The fastest and safest way to bound climate change is the use of renewable energy sources and the preservation of natural landscapes. During the event representatives from industry, business, science and politics confer the way and discuss effective measures for the transition of the energy structure.

Spotlight of RIO 9 is photovoltaic solar energy, which is close to its economic break-through in many countries located in the “sun-belt” of our planet.

RIO 9 is accompanied by the Latin America Renewable Energy fair LAREF 2009 which provides key opportunities for companies to present their products and services to international trade visitors and a proficient public.







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RIO 9 may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
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