When & Where
17th to 19th of March 2009
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Copacabana, Hotel Othon Place, Av. Atlântica, 3264.

Renewable Energies, such as solar, wind, and biomass, represent the future of energy supply. Since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit renewable energy has been promoted to offset climate change, preserve natural resources, increase energy security, and provide electricity to remote and impoverished regions.

In recent years, growth in the renewable energy sector has been strong. Between 2004 and 2007, global (non-hydro) renewable energy capacity grew by more than 185%, with 240 GW – 6% of total global capacity - generated in 2007. The renewable energy sector now surpassed the entire nuclear power supply and employs over one million people worldwide and, in 2007, for the first time ever, generated more than US$100 billion in investments. Although vast opportunities for the renewable energies market exist, many obstacles remain.

RIO 9 continues the successful legacy of previous World Climate & Energy Events. Leading experts will present the latest in renewable technologies, resource efficiency, policy analysis, financing options and carbon trade. Opportunities for networking and developing business relations are a cornerstone of the event.

Structure of RIO 9

The International RIO 9 Conference
Speakers at RIO 9 represent the scientific community, energy industry, finance and policy fields associated with the implementation of energy saving strategies and renewable energies. Presently Dr. Winfried Hoffman (President of EPIA, CTO at Applied Materials), Prof. Zhores Alferov (Nobel Prize in Physics 2000) and Dr. Franz Alt (Bestseller author and TV journalist) confirmed their presence at RIO 9.

Former RIO-Conferences were attended by Professor Martin Green (Alternative Nobel Prize Winner, World leader in silicon photovoltaic conversion efficiency, University of New South Wales), Dr. Hermann Scheer (Alternative Nobel Prize Lauteate, Chairman of WCRE, President of Eurosolar), Prof. Peter Landsberg (University of Southampton, editor and “ Nature” author), Carlos Minc (Federal Minister for Environment, Brazil), Prof. Olav Hohmeyer (University of Flensburg, pioneer in carbon trading), Prof. Chris Wronski (Pennsylvania State University, pioneer in PV thin film technology), Prof. Adolf Goetzberger (founder of Solar Fraunhofer Institute, former ISES President) Mechthild Rothe (EU Parliament Deputy), Prof. Maurício Tolmasquim (CES of the Brazilian Energy Ministry MME), Fernando Gabeira (Federal Deputy and bestseller author), Prof. Dr. Bautista Vidal (Head Pro-Álcool), the largest RE program ever), Dr. Franz Alt (Bestseller author and TVjournalist), Rosa Moreno (Greenpeace), Laura Porto (MME), Dr. Everaldo Feitosa (Director Brazilian Wind Energy Center, Vice President World Wind Energy Association), just to mention some participants / supporters. The Brazilian Ministry of Energy (MME), the German Energy Agency (DENA), International Capacity Building, Germany (InWEnt), Eurosolar, ISES Brazil, the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) and GTZ (international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations) were fully backing the events and predictably will send their top representatives also to RIO 9.

The Latin America Renewable Energy Fair (LAREF 2009)
The Latin America Renewable Energy Fair, in tandem with Rio 9, will provide the opportunity for companies and institutions to present their latest technologies and services to an everexpanding world market. Brazil, Latin America’s largest renewable energy market and policy leader, is the perfect location for such an event.

The following organizations have attended previous RIO Events and are expected to return for LAREF 2009 – providing the ideal opportunity to build business relations.

At LAREF 2003/05/06 Petrobrás, Eletrobrás, the German Ministry of Economics & Labour (BMWA), AET, ABEER, CanalEnergia, Wobben-Enercon Windpower, GTZ, Gamesa, SEBRAE, Valentin - Energysoftware, Isofotón, Ersol AG Solar Energy AG, Brasil Energia, Solardynamics, Soletrol Q-cells, Solon AG, Nordex Energy AG, Eolica, Suntech Power, PE Europe, MAN B&W, Energia Pura, Altercoop, UfE, Renexpo, Kyocera Solar do Brasil, Greenpeace and more exhibited their products and projects. The Latin America Renewable Energy Fair, was supported by the German Ministry of Economics & Labour (BMWA) and International Capacity Building, Germany (InWEnt), German- Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (AHK), German Energy Agency (DENA), Heinrich Boell Foundation, Isofotón, FURNAS and the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Target Groups

Several workshops are scheduled throughout the RIO/LAREF 2009 Event:

  • “From biofuels to mass transit” (Heinrich – Böll Foundation)
  • “Production of Solar Silicon in Latin America” (CEPEL)
  • “Rapid-rural electrification via photovoltaics”

The Political Round Table
Government representatives and policy analysts will discuss legislation, identify trends and obstacles, and provide effective solutions for the application of renewable energies.

The RIO 3 and RIO 6 political round tables were organized by the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

Get-Together and Rio 9 - B2B Events
The new format of Rio 9 Business-to-Business networking will take place at Brazilian business locations and provide attendees the opportunity to share their experience, knowledge and ideas with each other. B2B will focus upon networking opportunities via peer group seminars, intimate round table discussions, vendor community meetings, technical conferences and media briefings.

‘ Solar Power Rocks’ – Copacabana Beach Concert
Popular artists will inspire the event via live performances on the beautiful, world-renown Copacabana beach. VIPs and politicians will be in attendance to speak throughout the concert about saving the world with renewable energies. Numerous media partners from TV, press and radio support RIO 9 – World Climate & Energy Event 2009. Nationwide and international coverage is guaranteed.

Further Information
Please Download the Sponsorship Proposal (PDF) for further information!