Confirmed Companies Participating at the Exhibition of RIO 02

Akku-Gesellschaft, Manufacturer of Batteries, Taubenheim, Germany

Caixa Econômica Federal, Federal Bank, Brazil

Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, Foundation for International Training and Development, Germany

CEPEL, Energy Research Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

CEPEL-CRESESB, Electrical Energy Research Center - Solar and Wind Energy Reference Center, Brazil

DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service, Germany, Brazil

Dr. Valentin Energy Software, Berlin, Germany

Elsevier, Academic Publishing House, Amsterdam, Netherlands

energydesign, Individual Internet-Solutions, Webdesign. Leonberg, Germany

Escola Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

James & James, Publishing House, Editor, London, UK

Kyocera PV-Systems

Rio Solar Ltda., Projecting, Installation and Monitoring, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Solar Praxis Super Nova AG, Editor, Berlin, Germany

Solarc Ltd., Innovative Solar Products, Berlin, Germany

Soletrol, Manufacturer of Solar Thermal Systems, São Manuel SP, Brazil

Solon AG, Production of PV Modules and Systems, Berlin, Germany

Wobben Enercon

Wuerth Solergy Ltd., Photovoltaic Systems, Natal, Brazil