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Tuesday, 8th of January, 2002 Morning | Afternoon
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  Poster Presentations
  8.30 Copacabana Palace, Visitor's Hall  
authors and titles
  Coffee Break
  10.00 Copacabana Palace, Noble Room  
  Solar Energy Conversion 1
  10.30 Copacabana Palace, Golden Room  

Adolf Goetzberger, Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy (ISE), Freiburg, Germany
Applied Solar Energy
Presentation: Print Version | Staging Version

Peter Landsberg, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Theoretical Limits of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion
Presentation: Print Version

C. R. Wronski, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Progress in Amorphous Silicon-Based Solar Cells
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  12.30 Different Locations on the Beachside  
  Solar Energy Conversion 2
  13.30 Copacabana Palace  

Thomas Hamlin, United Nations, Department of Development, Nairobi, Kenya
UN Solar and Wind Energy Resource Mapping Prospecting
Suitable Locations for Renewables

Presentation: Print Version | Staging Version

Marco A. Galdino, Jorge Lima, CEPEL, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Brazilian PRODEEM Programme for Rural Electrification Using Photovoltaics
Presentation: Print Version

Norma Anglani, Univerity of Pavia, Italy
Energy Outlook for Pavia: Potential for Renewable Energies
in a Medium-Sized Northern Italy City

Maria Eugênia Vieira Silva, Alex Sandro de Araújo, Marcelo Ricardo Queiroz Medeiros,
Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil
Adjustment of the Clear Sky Coefficients for the Solar Radiation under the Ambient Conditions in Fortaleza
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  Coffee Break
  15.30 Copacabana Palace  
  Photovoltaic System Technology
  16.00 Copacabana Palace  

Jörg-Dieter Anhalt, Institute for Sustainable Development and Renewable Energies,
Fortaleza, Brazil
The Solar Home System and its Adequate Design to Serve the End User
(How should a SHS Look Like? – A Comparison in Practice)

Presentation: Print Version | Staging Version

Stefan Krauter, Fabian Ochs, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
All-in one Solar Home System with Satellite Monitoring
Presentation: Print Version A | Print Version B | Staging Version

Simon Worthington, BP Solar, Brazil
Foreign Direct Investment – Creating a Sustainability Dynamic
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  Measures to Decrease CO2 Emissions: Energy Saving
  17.00 Copacabana Palace  

Rolf Hanitsch, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Energy Conversion & Efficiency – a Look on the Electricity Market
Presentation (PDF): Print Version

Howard Geller, South West Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), USA
Efficiency and Sustainability

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