This program may be subject to alteration.

During the Rio02 Event, Courses, Workshops and Practicals will be offered on Energy Saving, Solar Energy Systems, Hybrid Systems and Security of Energy supply.

The lecturers are representing the state-of-the-art on the fields; the courses are held in Portuguese or English. All educational material (book, CD-ROM, Video) will be supplied; the duration is one day for theoretical courses (in the Blue and in the Red Saloon of Copacabana Palace) and one and a half days for the Practicals (at various locations in the State of Rio de Janeiro).

The price for each course is 160 Euro, including a coffee break and education materials.

Due to the transport, the large amount of materials required, and the smaller groups (max. 3 persons per instructor) an extra of 140 Euro is charged for participants of the practicals.

Each participant will receive a certification about its participation at the course and all education material (either in Portuguese or English language). While the courses are limited to 25 persons each (practicals: 12 persons), an early reservation for the courses is recommended.

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  Courses and Workshops
  1. Solar Home Systems in Brazil (Stefan Krauter, Joerg Dieter Anhalt, in Portuguese): 5th of January 2002, 8.30 to 17.30 hrs.
  2. Windpower in Brazil (to be defined)
  3. Combined heat and power workshop (Rolf Hanitsch, in English): 6th of January 2002, 8.30 to 17.30 hrs.
  4. Workshop Experience of Project Implementation (Joerg Dieter Anhalt, Hans-Joerg Wall, in Portuguese): 7th of January 2002, 8.30 to 17.30 hrs.
  5. Workshop "Training of the Trainers": Course for instructors on energy efficiency (Rolf Hanitsch, Ronnie Belmans) : 9th of January 2002
  6. Measures for the Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol (Emilio La Rouvere, Claudia do Valle): 10th of January 2002, 8.30 to 17.30 hrs.
  7. High Efficient Buildings (Michael Laar, in Portuguese) 12th of January 2002, 8.30 to 17.30 hrs.
  8. Eco Design and Green Architecture (Suzana Guerrios, in Portuguese) 8th of January 2002, 8.30 to 17.30 hrs.
  1. Installation Practica for Solar Home Systems (Fabian Ochs) 13th to 14th of January 2002
  2. Installation Practica for Solar Thermal Systems (Fabian Ochs) 15th to 16 th of January 2002
  3. Education and Training of Users (included in 1 & 2, Stefan Krauter, Fabian Ochs) ca. 18th of January 2002
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