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Thursday, 10th of January, 2002 Morning | Afternoon
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  Social and Political Implications
  9.00 Copacabana Palace  

Olav Hohmeyer, University of Flensburg, Germany
The Social Costs of Energy Consumption
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Dirk Wolters, Wuppertal Insitute, Germany
The Contribution of Renewable Energy Sources and Rational Use of Energy
to Economic Development

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Klaus Knecht, Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany
Education for Renewable Energies and Climate Change
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Gunnar Boye Olesen, Michel Kvetny, Emilio Lebre la Rovere,
International Network for Sustainable Energy INFORSE
Sustainable Energy Vision 2050 –a Proposal to Achieve a Sustainable Energy System,
Following our Environmental and Social Imperatives

Adelino Ricardo Jacintho Esparta, Auad Atala Jr., Carlos de Mathias Martins, Jr.,
Econinvest Assessoira Ltda. São Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian Greenhouse Gases Emission Baselines from Electricity Generation
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  Coffee Break
  11.15 Copacabana Palace, Noble Room  
  Examples for Financing
  11.40 Copacabana Palace  

Gilberto Velasquez, Autonomous University of the City of Juárez, Mexico
Emission Trading Opportunities in an International Airshed
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Terry Manning, Flowman Inc., Netherlands
PV, a Cornerstone of Self-Financing Development Projects for Poverty Alleviation
in Developing Countries

R. Ishwar, Vijaya Krishnamurthy, Polyglot Conslting, Hyderabad, India
The Indian Renewable Energy Industry Today and Perspective
for the Future – a Conspectus

Irving Mintzer, Business Council for Sustainable Energy, USA
Capacity Building: Opportunities and Challenges in Support
of Project-based Activities in Brasil

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  13.15 Different Locations  
  Forum: Declaration of Rio 02
  14:30 Copacabana Palace  

Results and recommendations for Measures to fulfill a Sustainable Development:
Expected results for local implementation:
1. Binding legislation and compensation of grid connection of solar and wind power plants
2. Effective funding mechanisms for solar home systems
3. Emission trading agreements Europe-Brazil
4. Roadmap for further actions

  Third Press Conference
  16.00 Copacabana Palace, Blue Saloon  
  Planing Tools
  16.20 Copacabana Palace  

Michael Stavy, Consultancy, Chicago, USA
Computing the Cost ($/kWh) of Electricity Generated at Grid Connected
Photovoltaic Generating Plants

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Gerhard Valentin, Valentin Software, Berlin, Germany
Software for the Calculation of Energy Yield and CO2 Reduction by Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic and Combined Heat & Power Energy Systems

Giorgio Beccali, Maurizio Cellura, Mariana Mistretta, Energy Department,
University of Palermo, Italy
A Decision Support System Software Based on Multi-Criteria Analysis for the Selection of Urban Sustainability Scenarios
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  17.00 Copacabana Palace  

End of conference part in Rio de Janeiro

  Excursion to Fortaleza
  ca. 18.00   

Visit to various solar energy and wind power projects in the north-east part of Brazil, located 100 km west of Fortaleza (schools electrification, solar pumping, solar home systems, ice plant). Min. 2 days, extension on demand (also see program Friday, 11th).

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