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Proceedings of RIO 5

Declaração Final da Assembléia Mundial para Energias Renováveis 2005 (WREA) de 26 a 30 de novembro de 2005, Bonn/Alemanha

Welcome message from Kevin Costner for RIO 5
  Declaration of RIO5

Beyond Kyoto
Hereby, the participants of RIO 5 – Word Climate & Energy Event, assembled in the same venue as the 1992 Earth Summit, declare their commitment to strongly promote renewable energy to preserve the global climate, to decrease environmental damages, to reduce dependence on energy imports, to increase energy security, to provide energy services to everyone, and to contribute to economic stability.

On the occasion of the implementation of the Kyoto-treaty on February, 16th 2005, more than 200 participants from more than 20 countries at the RIO 5 – World Climate & Energy Event give their support to the measures and objectives agreed to by the signatory states of the Kyoto-treaty. It is recognized that the Kyoto-treaty is a significant first step towards global sustainability.

However, a 5.2% reduction of CO2 emissions by just the Kyoto signatories will be insufficient to prevent damaging effects of global warming, which are already beginning to be felt in many parts of the world. Considering the disastrous climate change consequences that humanity is facing, all people and all countries urgently need to take much stronger and more effective actions now.

Therefore, we urge that each human being should not exceed the sustainable carbon dioxide emission rate (or greenhouse gas equivalent) of 3 metric tons per year, based on today’s world population.

The RIO 5 conference has shown that mature technologies and strategies are already available to supply our global energy needs in an efficient and renewable way today. Therefore, we need to implement renewable energy technologies much more progressively.

Nuclear energy cannot be considered to be an alternative to a renewable energy supply due to its unsolved problems of waste disposal, reactor safety, nuclear arms proliferation and terrorism.

The Participants of RIO 5

Rio de Janeiro 17th of February 2005

  RIO 5 – World Climate & Energy Event
  LAREF – Latin America Renewable Energy Fair

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 15-17, 2005
International Congress, Exhibition, Trade Show, Public Events.

Fortaleza, Brazil, February 18-20, 2005
Visits, Workshops & Excursions.

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"Due to its tropical location, its size, and its abundant renewable energy resources, Brazil will be the Saudi-Arabia of the future (and will maintain that status as long as the sun is shining)."

Bautista Vidal (creator of the Brazilian car-ethanol programme - Proalcohol - in terms of energy the biggest RE program ever)

  Technologies for sustainable energy production are here.
  Now is the time to use them.

World leaders met in Bonn this year with a strong commitment to increase the utilization of renewable energies, such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass. This decision will bolster an industry which currently employs approximately 400,000 people worldwide and has returned steady growth rates in the range of 15% per annum over the previous decade.

Vast opportunities still exist to increase the participation of renewable energy in the global energy market. This will not only offset the impact of global climate change caused by greenhouse gases but most importantly provide critically needed energy supplies to developing regions while boosting economic development. Over previous years many obstacles to the renewable industry have been identified and should be overcome: Lack of knowledge in public and political circles, inadequate legislation, inefficient lobbying and insufficient market assessments are just some of them.

RIO 5, a follow-up to the successful RIO 3, is being held in Rio de Janeiro and in Fortaleza (location with most possible renewable energy applications) to secure the implementation of this important commitment made in Johannesburg. This event brings together leading experts from science, industry and politics to report on the latest research results, demonstrate new products and services, present successful applications, new architectural developments, assess project financing possibilities and form effective networks. A special focus of the conference this year will be on education on renewable energies. The implementation and application aspect will be highlighted and demonstrated by the LAREF state-of-the-art exhibition (Latin America Renewable Energy Fair), workshops and public events. The Brazilian Ministry of Mines & Energy is fully backing the event.

  Brasil's Potential

Hydropower   Solar Power   Windpower

RIO 5 may be subject to alteration. The organizers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.
If you have any questions, please contact us.


RIO 5 goes CO2-neutral

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